“My desire to reproduce an art form of accurate archeological information from rubbings on cloth was to preserve the mysterious messages carved in stone on Mayan stelae.”

James A. McBride II graduated from the University of Texas School of Architecture and was the first person from U.T. to receive permission from the Guatemalan government to obtain rubbings from Mayan sites in Guatemala. The enigma of the Maya, held in place by the veil of time and by obscure messages carved in stone by priest sculptors, has inspired these interpretations into Mayan batik serigraphs by transposing designs from stone to cloth and now new prints of the rubbings in gold images with seven background colors.

Poster prints now on sale for $19/each or 3 for $16/each
Also available as wall hangings @ $20/square foot

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Rubbings can be printed in any of the colors, some examples are below.

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While living and working in Indonesia, I discovered the art form of batik from Java, which is a handdrawn wax-resist and dye process for each color of the design. Some of these limited one-of-a-kind batik serigraphs are available for sale.

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